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What is the leap-years.calculators.ro website?

leap-years.calculators.ro is a website that aims to provide both a leap years calculator and as much information as possible about the leap years, information organized in a brief and clear form:

  • leap years calculator: check it out if it is a leap year or a common one. ... what was the leap year before the year? ... what will be the next leap year after the year?
  • leap years information: what is a leap year, ... how often do they occur in the calendar, ... why do we need them, ... the leap years algorithm, ... examples, ... the list of all the leap years between 1592 and 4818, ... when did the leap year originate, ... the modern (Gregorian) calendar and the Julian calendar, ... how accurate is the actual calendar, etc.

What is the main purpose of leap-years.calculators.ro

leap-years.calculators.ro wishes to provide users with as much information on the leap years as possible and transforming this volume of information into brief, clear and quality information.

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Articles on the leap years

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5. When did the actual concept of the leap year originate?

6. The modern (Gregorian) calendar and the Julian one. Julian calendar adjustment

7. How accurate is the Gregorian calendar, based on the leap year algorithm?

List of all the leap years between 1582 and 4818.

Leap years calculator. Is it a leap year or a common one?