List of all the leap years in the actual modern Gregorian calendar, from 1582 up to 4818

Why building a list of all the leap years between 1582 and 4818? Why starting and ending with these years?

The first year in the actual calendar (also called Gregorian, or modern calendar) was 1582, when it was instituted by Pope Gregory XIII. Before of this, another calendar, the Julian, was in use, with slightly different rules. The actual modern calendar though will get out of sync by 1 day with the astronomical calendar around the year of 4818 (after ≈ 3236 of years from its creation in 1582).

Please notice that the leap years occur 97 times in every cycle of 400 years. Count them if you wish, in the list below.

The list of the leap years between 1582 and 4818:

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List of all the leap years between 1582 and 4818.

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